Work-Life Balance

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, basic and some psychological needs need to be met through work. And after this comes, the self-fulfillment needs that allow the person to reach its full potential. So work is important as it provides food, water, rest, safety, and security. It allows you to feel accomplished and belong somewhere. But in addition to work you need a balance in other aspects of your life as well.

Work-life balance has become hard to reach in today’s advanced age, where it is quite impossible to separate the two. So in order to avoid pressure buildup and lower success rates, it is an obligation of the leader to take action and help employees find a balance between work and life.

Why is a balance between work and life important?

A healthy work-life balance is important to maintain employee’s health and well-being and their productivity level and performance. According to an online survey, workers who do not get enough time at home are disturbed during their office hours. Sitting in front of their laptops for long hours may drain them and decrease their focus as well as productivity.

So a good work-life balance allows you to keep your employees focused with a minimum number of absences. They will feel less stressed and tired if they don’t have to stay overtime. Their physical and mental health will not deteriorate, and so they are more likely to be efficient in their job. By encouraging your employees, you will get a more engaged and dedicated workforce who are ready to give their all to the task at hand.


They will be more loyal to you and your company. If work and life are kept separate and balanced, your employees can easily spend quality time with family and friends. This will, in turn, prevent the employees from feeling drained and overwhelmed. And in the long run, you will see increased productivity, retention of talent, and flourishing business.

What can you do to help?

There is a lot that you can do as the leader of your team. You can allow short breaks throughout the office hours which will improve their focus and mood. Introducing outdoor meetings and socializing areas that will help improve your employee’s mental status.

Additionally, to keep work and life separate, you can encourage your employees to use their days off and take time off from work.  You can get insight by discussing with your workforce what more you can do for them.

In this way, you can develop an effective plan of action that everyone is willing to follow. You can use online surveys to get firsthand data from employees regarding what they think is best for balancing work and life. You, as a leader, should be the first one to follow all the rules so that employees can follow suit.

Online Surveys

Online surveys allow you to ask questions in a more efficient way. You can send them out through email and get immediate feedback from employees regarding how you can help in improving their work-life balance. So you should carefully choose a good and updated online survey template from a known platform.


360 Angles is one such platform online that connects you with your employees to get their insights and knowledge about what they think. This online platform is one of its kinds and the first one in the Middle East to provide online survey templates and services. You and your company can benefit from it to hear your employees, share ideas, and get potential feedback to promote the growth of employees and your company. So contact us today at 360 Angles.

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