Problem Solving

When it comes to competence, the employee evaluation model provides a very streamlined method to evaluate how an employee manages problem-solving. This highly professional and strategic online survey template provides an insight into the abilities of your employees, which can be used to the company’s advantage.

The survey can be found at our website, 360 Angles; we provide one the best surveys as professional tools for analyzing your employee’s performance and engagements. We are located in the Middle East, with a wide array of surveys to choose from. The aim of our surveys is to help you promote a platform for better and nurturing communication. Also, in helping you make better decisions. That serves as an advantage to your company.

Importance of survey

The online survey serves the purpose of specialized tools. It enables the organization to select the right employee for a selected project, providing better results. The survey comprises a series of suitable and strategic questions in the form of online questionnaires, quizzes, and modules, which are then analyzed in order to make a statistical analysis.

For a problem-solving survey it touches every aspect that helps in problem-solving abilities, such as;

  1. Identifying the problem
  2. Analyzing the problem
  3. Describing the problem
  4. Looking for the root cause
  5. Develop alternate solutions
  6. Implement the solution
  7. Measure the results.
Quality to value

The ultimate path to the success of a company starts when it starts to invest in its employees. And make smart decisions. Not every employee has the same capabilities, and not everyone is competent. This being said, a company requires an employee who has all these qualities;

  1. Productivity
  2. Quality of work
  3. Initiative
  4. Teamwork
  5. Problem-solving

The problem-solving online survey template enables the company to closely and critically analyze which employee is of value, depending on their competence. It also helps provide positive feedback to the employees to have better performances.

Performance appraisal system

On the top priority of an HR department management among continued support, encouragement, and participation of management, problem-solving is the most important intrinsic quality required for an employee.

Employees with problem-solving capabilities are always given prominent roles in the company. This online survey provides an employee evaluation model that enables the organization to confidently make decisions in favor of the company.

Problem-solving comes with a separate mindset, the will to understand and make suitable decisions. That helps in the success of the company and in making a better personal portfolio. The survey tool has certain models that help the organization make a critical analysis of the performance of the employee by the replies they provide.

Most of the survey comprises only closed-ended questions, which helps the database to make a general analysis of the average, while the open-ended questions are to be reviewed by an expert for a better analysis.

Which helps make better decisions such as;
  1. Selection of employee for a specific department
  2. Suitable employee to showcase as the pupil of the company
  3. Handling major projects
  4. HR department managers
  5. Training for better performance
  6. Team lead

All these decisions are made simple with the use of tools that are easily available online.

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