Performance Management System

I was looking at the overall performance of an individual or a group working in a certain company. A performance management system provides a strategic and formal process to assess and analyze the performance of each employee or an entire department, meaning group.

Having such a tool at service means; making better and honest key decisions like bonuses, promotions, dismissals, etc. Provided an online survey template enables you to do a suitable survey by which the HR department involves every employee. By understanding the demands of your employees and providing positive feedback helps in maintaining healthy communication.

Performance management outcomes

The Performance management system is a systematic, objective, and periodic tool. This modular online survey helps the company to understand the baseline for each employee by a series of specific and suitable questionnaires. The survey is made to assess every employee’s needs, demands, wants, and how to make them excel. The outcomes of this survey are;

  1. Continuous progress review
  2. Frequent communications
  3. Employee feedback
  4. Employee training for better performance
  5. Recognizing good work
  6. Goal setting
  7. Rewarding good performance.
Understanding how your employee function

The online survey template provided by 360 Angles is to establish a nurturing and more confident communication between the employees and the managers by providing a series of opportunities such as;


For better performance management, planning is the major component that needs to be taken seriously by both the HR manager and the employees. Through planning, it is easy to set goals. Achievable goals, when set, help both the managers to keep a record and the employees to have a better understanding of their performance.

Ongoing communication

The second component of this process is the ongoing communication between the managers and employees, in terms of setting goals, training for better performance, motivation, and reviewing communication as part of the company culture. It helps decisions and goals to be reviewed by both ends and come to the better and achievable ground. With healthy communication, other aspects are also looked closely upon, such as;

  1. Performance review
  2. Recognizing good performance
  3. Learning and development
Feedback and suggestion

When the proper system is implied, the HR managers review the monthly or weekly performance of each employee and then rate them as per their judgment. Send their feedback as positive criticisms.  This system helps make these criticisms and positive reinforcements anonymously. They are keeping the sanctity of leadership and the integrity of employees intact.

Available online

Tools such as the performance management system are available at 360 angles website; the online survey provider has a set of specially qualified set of questions for each tool.

The benefit of this survey is that the tool used for a company stores the data on its database. When the data is needed, it provides a general analysis of the stored data.


360 Angles is one of the best websites in the Middle East and provides performance management system surveys and plenty of other templates. We, as 360 Angles, provide a new vision to communication and teamwork. Each and every one of the templates provided on this website is to provide a platform to improve and nurture communication for any organization or company.

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