Learning and Development

When it comes to learning and development, you should use the Employee Evaluation model to describe the team’s attitude toward learning and growth. By genuinely knowing the voice of your clients, you will maintain a strategic advantage.

Using online survey templates, you can create a suitable survey in a variety of ways. We will assist you even though you are experiencing writer’s block or are unsure if you should create a survey or a questionnaire.

Learning and growth are concerned with increasing the success of organizations, as well as the people and teams within them. It has a number of advantages, including increased employee work satisfaction and productivity, increased capacity to implement emerging strategies and approaches, increased employee engagement, and increased process efficiencies that result in financial benefits.

Keep track of the customers' scores.

Customer satisfaction surveys allow you to engage with your consumers at different touch points and learn just what they want, need and predict.

It’s not so much what you ask as it is how you ask it. Your questions will appear one by one in our survey maker, much as they would in a real discussion. As a result, you will get more replies.

An online survey is more than just a platform for making a list of questions. It’s a fantastic way to get consumer input and learn more about what the target market thinks, believes, and, most importantly, needs.

Learn what your workers actually think

Directly from the staff, learn what works and what doesn’t. Employee happiness can be measured; surveys conducted, and even compliance quizzes sent out. Employee polls will help you get the answers you need, whether you’re in HR or a team leader. Manage the company’s data with sophisticated encryption and control so that the employees can safely communicate and collaborate.

Speak with the people who are important to you

You can listen in to what the rest of the world is saying anytime you like. Market research surveys make it simple to solicit feedback from future and current consumers, validate ideas, assess brand recognition, and more.

The importance of online surveys

Company leaders need to understand their customers’ viewpoints today more than ever. Understanding, forecasting, and meeting the ever-changing demands of consumers requires accurate, actionable survey data. Our online survey templates can assist you in gaining useful industry insight by telling customers about their expectations and evaluating competitor strengths and weaknesses.

How can 360 Angles help?

360 Angles is one of the first online survey services in the Middle East. It has brought about many innovative techniques which were never seen before.

We design high-response surveys and manage and review them all, whether on paper or online.

We will assist you in delivering outcomes, whether you are a research expert, interested in clinical audit, or conduct ad hoc surveys to learn more about staff, patients, residents, employers, teachers, or consumers.


We personalize the analysis process and mode to meet your needs. Choose a tool that can evolve and expand with your survey needs over time. To learn more about individual functions, look at our plans. Signup today to get insights from your customers!

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