Financial Awareness

Financial awareness is the ability to understand and implement different financial skills such as budgeting, investing, and personal financial management. Financial awareness helps you manage your money and is an ability that you strengthen your grip on as time passes.

So the earlier you start learning these skills, the better it is for you in the long run. Financial awareness consists of financial literacy skills that you must master to gain control over personal finance issues.

How to improve financial literacy skills.

In order to develop financial literacy, you must learn and practice a set of skills concerning budgeting, financial management, paying off debts, and understanding investment and crediting. Here are some of the things you must start practicing.

1) Create and keep track of a budget.

It is a great practice to track how much money you spend every month and how much you receive. You should note down this information either on paper, an excel sheet, or take the help of a budgeting app. You should note down all sources of income, including paychecks and investments, your spending such as shopping, dining out, and traveling, along with the fixed expenses that you have to pay every month such as rent, loans, and utilities.

2) Pay your bills on time.

Do not leave the bills to pay them on the last day. Make sure you pay your bills on time so that you do not face any problems. You can also take advantage of bill-paying apps and set reminders for bill payment.

3) Manage debt.

According to an online survey conducted, the number of young Arabs in debt has increased to twice its value in five years. Nearly 35% of young Arabs said they were in debt as compared to the 16% in 2015.

The number of people in debt has greatly increased due to the coronavirus pandemic. Manage your debt by tracking your budget. You should decrease your spending and increase the amount you pay back. If your debt is too much, you should contact the lenders and negotiate with them regarding the repayment.

4) Pay importance to savings.

Saving is an important part of your financial situation. Most people do not pay attention to this aspect, but they definitely should. Learning to save money can help you in the long run. It also helps you develop different skills and gain knowledge that helps you throughout your life.

These are just some of the financial skills one must master in order to grow financially and become financially stable in life. Apart from these skills, there are many other professionals who practice throughout their careers.

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