Creativity is the ability to think outside the box and look at the world in a new light. It is a phenomenon in which new and original ideas are developed and produced.  It is a way to find new aspects that were not thought of before to create solutions. There is a lot of depth to this phenomenon.

It can be thought of as an ability that, for some, is intrinsic, while others may need to learn it and improve on it to be creative. With creativity, you find things that are already in place and improve them or come up with new and better things to replace them. Moreover, creativity is about producing something new, whether it’s an idea, or a process, or an object.

Why is creativity important?

Creativity is an important skill that everyone should try to improve with effort. Creativity can take a person to great heights. It is a skill in great demand nowadays in organizations and businesses. According to an online survey, company CEOs look for creativity when they hire employees.

Moreover, creative employees tend to get promotions faster and earn more than their uncreative counterparts. This is because creative minds tend to think outside the box and challenge traditional mindsets. They look at different angles when dealing with problems; they connect unrelated things and thus bring up unique and original ideas that the industry needs.

This all leads to their high success rates. So companies prefer them over uncreative people who will not be able to give them any success.  Not everyone is born creative. But this shouldn’t discourage you because it’s a skill that can be mastered through various strategies. These include:

1. Train in recognizing patterns

In everyday life, try to look for patterns and train yourself in recognizing these patterns. This will help you in connecting similar situations and outcomes and performing better in your work.

2. Pick up arts

According to various online surveys, there is clear evidence of a connection between practicing and playing music with enhanced creativity. So in order to improve your creative side, try to practice an instrument. Other arts like fine arts and photography can also help you out. The working of the body and mind together tend to open up your mind and thus better your creativity.

3. Exercise

 A sedentary lifestyle is extremely bad for your mental and physical well-being. While physical activity not only keeps your body healthy, it also keeps your mind healthy. Exercise provides the energy and alertness that improves mood and confidence while lowering stress. It improves your memory and cognitive functioning and thus boosts your creativity.

4. Engage your brain

There are many activities like solving math problems or word puzzles, learning a new language, or playing a brain-stimulating game like chess. Engaging in these hobbies helps to keep your brain sharp.

Final Thoughts!

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