Conflict Resolution

Leading a company with employees is no easy task. You have to train them, ensure they are productive, and make sure your business is profiting. But in companies, conflicts may arise between employees, or departments, or between your employee and a client.

So you will have to strategically and effectively cater to this and resolve the conflicts since no two conflicts are the same as different people are involved, so everyone has their own way of dealing with conflicts. But you should remember that solving a conflict as early as possible will not only help you but also save you from all the stress and tension. There are five conflict resolution strategies that you can use to overcome conflicts and deal with them efficiently and effectively.

Usually, a win-win outcome is best as both parties benefit from it, but sometimes it’s not possible. So knowing how to resolve a conflict is beneficial for you if you want to move your company forwards.

1) Avoidance

Usually, this strategy is used where people pretend nothing happened. This is done for conflicts that are not so important. It is also used when confrontation may get worse than the outcome of conflict resolution. Even though this is easy, there are still bad feelings left that may linger around as no ideas are discussed, and no conversation is made, so nothing is solved.

2) Collaboration

Collaboration is the act of working together for mutual benefits. It’s about letting everyone participate with the thought of coming up with a solution together with the help of everyone’s opinions. This is an ideal situation. However, it requires a lot of time from all the parties involved. Through collaboration, you can come up with a solution to various problems.

3) Accommodating

In this strategy, one group involved in the conflict puts the other group’s needs before theirs and accepts their demands. This is usually done when the relationship with them is more important than the conflict itself. Moreover, you might also not have the time or energy to deal with a conflict that is not important for you, so you can choose to be cooperative and accommodate them. This strategy can also have unresolved outcomes as there is no proper discussion.

4) Competing

In this strategy, the parties take on the conflict in order to win. The side with more power and assertiveness wins. Due to its model, there’s no space for discussion and understanding of the other side. This makes it a bad strategy for use in resolving conflicts between groups in an organization. The losing side may feel bad that no one listened to them, and they might raise their voice and become assertive as a result.

5) Compromise

And lastly, the fifth strategy suggests that both parties compromise and settle on a mid-point that is beneficial for both parties. In this way, no party is offended, and the conflict is easily resolved. Both parties head home with a sense of accomplishment and are pleased to some extent.

If you as a leader want to know which conflict resolution strategies are effective and best for your employees, then an online survey is your solution. An online survey is a platform through which you can collect data regarding any topic from everyone in your company. Online survey templates help you design a questionnaire which you can send through email to your employees and get their response easily.


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