Compensation System

Keeping a record of employee performance is a highly divisible check and balance tool, mostly run by the HR department. The department uses data to analyze if the employee should be compensated for their hard work, and if so, how much. There are certain tools that help calculate compensations for each employee and department.  It is a positive reinforcement tactic and enables longer employee retention.

The tools provided for such analysis are online surveys, which are used to statistically analyze former and new employees. And maintain a record of their performance, daily engagements, value to the company, added value, and much more.

The selective object tools help devise a plan for compensation to be divided among three general classes, which are to be implemented as per the requirements and demands;

  1. Straight salary compensation
  2. Salary plus commission compensation
  3. Straight hourly compensation
Keeping your employees satisfied

For a company to set on a path of success needs a constant environment. A company that has new employees every term may never succeed. For this purpose, the online survey template for the compensation system helps the company to understand what makes their employees leave after a short span.

The answers may be low salary, long working hours, tedious office environment, lack of motivation, rigorous routine, no fruitful return, etc. The survey helps provide employees insight into how to maintain a steady pace at a company and provides the company a better analysis of which department puts in the most effort. Also, the response of each employee adds up to more authentic data.

Maintain motivation

Compensation system online surveys help companies maintain employee motivation levels by providing them incentives apart from their salaries, or for an average employee, and on-time salary without tax reduction.

When there is a surge of euphoria, even though short-lived, it adds up to the higher productivity of employees. And that also makes the employee retain the job. Provided the environment is an easy-going and nurturing one at the same time.

Keep employees satisfied

It is mainly the job of the HR department to keep a look at the satisfaction rate of employees. The company has to provide resources for the employee to easily work with. Also, it is the company’s job to understand if the employee is not satisfied with their current job and compensate them with increments, bonuses, or other positive reinforcements. The survey tool helps you to stay well informed.

360 Angles can help

360 Angles is an online survey template providing a website located in the Middle East. We have a variety of templates to choose from depending on your company’s requirement. Our models are highly professional and provide an accurate analysis of the data provided. We provide survey tools to help you make better extrinsic and extrinsic decisions for your company and employees.

Our aim is to provide a healthy platform for more nurturing and more open communication among the employees and the organization. That allows positive feedback, positive criticism, and an open attitude towards opinions because our website uses modern knowledge and expanding views in devising each template carefully.

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