Collaboration is an essential and a very important decision for every company. This decision can be made statistically by a proven statistical analysis by using employee engagement modules. The tool provides insight to the entire team as one and what they think about certain collaboration on average.

The online tool provides a platform for better communication among the employees and the organization. It nurtures and provides more confident communication that helps to make certain decisions in unity.

Evaluate collaborative culture.

Having an online survey as a tool to promote and encourage collaborative culture. It needs an understanding of collaboration, knows about the benefits, and understands how to consistently indulge in collaboration.

Change is always hard, but certain surveys provided by 360 Angles provide a better view and more knowledgeable understanding of collaboration for the employees, also, making the benefits clear. 360 Angles is a website that provides surveys and many templates that help make communication and management of employees better and productive. We are located in the Middle East and provide the best survey template for your requirements.

360 online survey provider

The online survey templates provided by 360 angles have highly knowledgeable and modern view surveys, which are a series of suitable questions and quizzes provided to the employees for certain purposes.

The questions are devised in the form of modules that help the organization understand the needs, wants, and demands of the employee. Also, it helps the employee understand what the company demands from them.


In terms of collaboration, the employee engagement module focuses on employee behavior and team behavior to analyze what outcome a collaboration will bring. It also helps promote positive communication among employees to make a decision as a team.

Collaborative culture

The online survey regarding collaboration helps the employees to know about the benefits and how to be positive about positive change. The questions have modules that touch different aspects of collaborations such as dependency, load distribution, loyalty, talent, etc. and all of this point promotes positive influence on the employees Such as;

1.Better Productivity

Business engagements have reported an overall 22% increase in productivity with collaborations. That means the distribution of workload and better performance. The tool enables the employees to understand and provide valuable responses.

2.Higher retention rates

According to statistical data, 33% of employees showed more loyalty in a collaboration. That directly increases the profitability. It helps the company lower the cost of training, which is covered by overall load collaboration. The collaboration has also made work enjoyable for the employees.

3.Attract top talent

Collaboration provides positive imaging of the company. 86% of potentially successful companies attract talent and positive talent through collaboration. The idea of adding new employees through a channel is added to the online survey template, and the tool analyzes what the team thinks about such an arrangement.

4.Better Creativity and problem-solving.

The idea of collaboration is two minds as one. The company tasks are productively delivered in time with excellence and even more diligence. Time on problem-solving is lowered because of additional help and an outer perspective. The online survey helps employees see how to lead distribution may help in learning.

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