5 Ways to Time and Send You Survey

5 Ways to Time and Send You Survey

You have made your survey, it’s well thought out, inclusive, clear, and concise. Now you need people to fill it out. How you get people to fill out your survey and the timing of it is just as important as creating the survey. How you communicate to your audience and how you aim to encourage them to fill out your survey is vital. Without a well-planned communication channel and effective timing, you can miss out on vital data for your organization/company.

The Key is Clarity

At the introduction of your survey provide a clear and concise statement informing the people what this survey is being conducted for. You can also include an introduction in the message that you send with the survey. 

Giving people a reason behind why the survey is being conducted improves the chances of them answering the survey to you. You should provide an estimated time it will take to fill out the form, provide the user a reason to fill the form (such as a change in menu items) and give them a noticeably clear idea of what the survey expects of them.

Time is Money (in this case Data)

There is a time to send out your survey, from optimal times to event-specific timings it is important you get the timing right. If you can optimize timing, then you can maximize the data you will receive. The best time to send out your survey is immediately after an event because it will be fresh in people’s minds, or an automatic survey that is sent with the confirmation email when buying online.

Concerning peak hours for sending a survey, you should send a survey when people are relaxed and more willing to spend a few moments to fill one out. The best days for sending out the survey are Monday and Friday; the best times are 10 pm and 2-3 pm.

Link your Question

When sending out a survey in an email, a good idea is to add the link of your survey to the first question itself. This means to put the first question of the survey into the email to better attract people to your survey itself.

This also provides them an idea as to what the remaining survey will be like. This technique has been proven to increase user responses substantially. Something to try if you want to have greater responses to your surveys.


The majority of the world has turned to mobile as their primary source of communication. Most people are using their phones to do everything from making presentations to answering emails.

So, your job as the survey creator is to make your survey mobile-friendly. Make it easier to fill out on a phone rather than the traditional laptop. Consider sending the survey by means other than email. 

Make sure that any attachments such as videos or images can load quickly on mobiles, make your questions short and precise so the user does not need to fill out long answer spaces or fill out a large number of questions. Think quick and efficient when you think of mobile-friendly surveys.


People are forgetful when it comes to thinking that does not directly affect them. With how busy people’s lives are these days, it is easy for surveys to move to the back of your mind. 

You can send people a short reminder a few days after initially sending the survey. One to two reminders after a few days improves user engagement to surveys You can set up an automatic reminder system that will send a reminder to those who have not filled out the survey yet. 

Just remember to not send too many reminders because it can become annoying and completely put off someone who is considering filling out the survey.

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