Types of Marketing Surveys

20 Types of Marketing Surveys

Ever thought about how managing an entire organization could be a more straightforward task? Do you want to record how your employees are performing daily? Has dealing with marketing become a rigorous exercise? For all your troubles, certain professional tools are devised to make marketing and market strategies more efficient.

Online surveys are highly useful tools for those who seek stable success. By definition, these are a series of set questionnaires, quizzes, mental exercises all merged in several models. These models are created to provide insight to both the employees and the company on every aspect of the given survey, may it be marketing or employee evaluation performance.

Surveys provide different templates and depend on each template. These surveys can be;

  • Online survey template
  • Paper survey template
  • Telephonic survey template
  • One to one interview template

Marketing surveys

Marketing surveys are many different times; the provided online survey templates focus on different types of touchpoints in marketing. Some of the highly efficient templates are;

Market and customer profiling survey

The survey helps you find out who your potential buyers are, who your customers are, and who are just wasting your energy.

Marketing Investigation survey

This survey design helps the organization and the team understand the size of the market and how better networking can be established.

Customer motivation survey

It helps you understand how to gain customer loyalty and increase your buyers. The happier the customers invite more increased sales.

Purchasing tracking survey

Keeping track of your products being bought and how frequently a product is to be re-bought. This helps the employees track the high product in demand.

New product demand survey

The data provided by the survey helps you understand which product should be launched.

New product Concept analysis

Providing the data and information on what the new product should be.

Customer retention survey

The survey helps analyze why a certain customer purchases your product and what will gain their loyalty.

Customer expectation survey

It helps you understand what your customers want and how you can make your product more appealing.

Product fulfillment survey

It helps understand the percentage of the sale of a certain product and how much more might be required.

Habit and use survey

Understand when the sales of a product are high, analyzing the situation and strategize effectively.

Market profiling

Understand who your customers are and why. It also helps in understanding why others are not your customers.

Stage in the purchase process

This one explains the customer adoption process. It helps in understanding if the given strategy increases in customers or decreases in already made customers.

Customer intention survey

Understanding how, why, and what keeps your customer retained to your product and your given service.

Customer attitude and expectation survey

This online survey template helps understand what your customers want from you and what makes them buy your product.

Sales lead generation survey.

This survey is used to ensure the follow-ups on your product.

Sales forces effective survey

It helps analyze the performance, sales activity, and effectiveness of a certain strategy.

Product improvement and fulfillment survey

It helps you understand which product needs to have more marketing and which is getting more sales.

Product positioning survey

The survey helps the team analyze where vast networking should be established.

Price setting and elasticity survey

Price to cost sale analysis is made with this template.

Advertising and value identification survey

The template helps the team realize their target strategy for a certain product.

Finally – Available on 360 Angles

We are here to help companies to make better and effective decisions, even in marketing. 360 Angles is a platform providing a vast array of online templates. Our online survey provider website is located in the Middle East and provides a platform with new and expanded knowledge. It helps make the market become a team strategy rather than an individual effort.

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